Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: Dollar$ and Chain$ "U.S. Imperialism in the age of the petrodolla

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The modern day Empire of America rest on two major pillars, it's military and the U.S. dollar. The U.S. dollar is part of the imperial order. In the 1970's the Government of America with it's great an essential ally in Saudi Arabia locked the world into a petrodollar exchange system. Forcing the world to have to gain access to American currency as the only means to purchase the crucial energy fuel petroleum. This petrodollar scheme launched the second phase of the U.S. imperial 'American century'. A dollar imperial order that has devastated world development and is one of the key component to 3rd world debt.

Slave Revolt explores these dynamics in a (Ruins of Empire) segment called 'Dollar$ and Chain$: U.S. Imperialism in the age of petrodollar decline'. We examine the rise of the Euro currency and the conflict that these two privatized monetary systems are in. This conflict has geopoli! tical, corporate based alignment, Nation state implications. War without end is what these institutions have to offer the slaves and servants of the planet unless we break the chain of this 'dollars and chains' order.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: The left hand of the empire

Hear Harry's voice of truth

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Many progressives are drowning in their own contradictions. Unable and or unwilling to attempt to see the American empire for what it really is or how they fit into it. Slaves have to question the sincerity of these 'alternative activist'. Michal Learner author of the book 'The left hand of god' is taken to the 'SR' labs in a (Beyond the shadow) segment called 'The left hand of the empire'. 'SR' deals with the mystical, hocus pocus dust thrown in the masses eye's by Democrats in 'spiritual' clothing.

SR' then jumps into a related issue in a (Shameless file) piece on some civil rights Negroes. While they blame the victims for the problems they face cause they 'don't vote'. The civil rights Negroes can't escape the elephants in the room that exposes that our problems can't be solved by voting. And the contradictions (elephants) they must ignore. In this 'Elephants in the room' (SF) segment corporate negro! ism is expose for the system and relationship it is. A relationship of servitude to a genocidal imperial 'Order' regardless of the cost to the people the civil rights Negroes claim they serve.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

What's In a Name, Turkey Shoot, and The Making of a Dictator

I've decided to delve back into the world of surreal news stories that paint an even more surreal picture of Race, Politics, and the authoritarian State under the weight of capital exploitation. The new Slave Revolt Website is in the works. More on that next week. - Rohan


Fraternal Order of Police President Mark Donahue was incredulous when informed that the City Council's Transportation Committee had voted without debate to rename Monroe Street -- from Western to Oakley -- as "Chairman Fred Hampton Way." The ordinance was sponsored by Ald. Madeline Haithcock (2nd).


The latest chapter in reporter Olivia Rousset's Abu Ghraib revelations. Three weeks ago on Dateline, Olivia revealed new evidence of horrific abuse at Abu Ghraib.

On a recent trip to the US, Olivia managed to track down two former Abu Ghraib guards - one who served time for committing abuses against Iraqi detainees and another who witnessed those shocking events. It's no small irony that both of these former US military policemen now see themselves as being among the victims of Abu Ghraib. Here's Olivia's story. And, as you would expect with this sort of report, be warned - some of what you're about to see is not exactly pretty and could even offend.


Uganda's recently concluded elections had the distinct feel of a beauty pageant. Not because President Yoweri K. Museveni was re-elected for another five years after ruling the country for the last 20. But because of the "verdicts" of foreign observers on the conduct of Uganda's first multiparty elections in 26 years. There were hundreds of imported observers in addition to Western ambassadors who converted their missions into observer stations.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: The biological plague of America

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The biological makeup of this privatized order is a deadly pathogen spreading it's poison through out Sams plantation and the world. Now who is the leader of this Dr. Frankenstein stew of bio death? Sam of course.

Slave Revolt swims it's way through this deadly imperial militarized toxic mix in a (Beyond the shadow) piece called 'The biological plague of America'. We explore how the corporate military State with it's 'higher learning' institutions are genetically modifying bio pathogens for world conflict, control, and possibly destruction.

'SR' also explores other biological plague creating filth with in this society that are also given a pass by the corporate media institutions because they don't fit the right 'bio terrorist' profile. Making it clear that the profile and makeup of the American society is one of the living plagues on earth.

Also 'SR' deals with Dick 'shoot first look later' Cheney who took this method of action he used in helping justify the obliteration of the Iraqi people to the rugged quail hunting fields of political friends. Considering the fact that this tough rugged quail hunter decided to shoot up someones grandpa along with those defenseless birds 'SR' couldn't avoid addressing this issue 'Slaves' way.