Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: The Empire's Deadly Shop of Horrors


Download audio: MP3 at 46.6 mebibytes (download torrent)

Empires come and go but they follow similar patterns of exploitation that puts them on a common ground of barbarity. All savage States have to have their laboratories of human/land mass carnage if they are to become top notch genocidal imperial occupational colonialist. In this (Ruins of Empire) segment called 'The Empires deadly shop of horrors' Slave Revolt with clips from Greg Gradin author of the book 'Empire's Workshop' deals with this subject in regards to Sam's relationship to Latin American. That's followed through with a Tracey James commentary called 'The School of the America's is a School straight outta Hell'

Then we wrap it up with a (Beyond the Shadow) piece called 'The glass jaw bully Chris Baker cuts and runs'. Liberal Bay Area talk show host Berine Ward takes on Texas loud mouth pro 'war on terror' Chris Baker on MS-NBC. Check out how Baker gets his little jaw broken and then 'cuts and runs' when Ward doesn't fall for the bullies antics. Then hear how we explore what these 'debates' really mean when at the end of the day both Baker and Ward support the war machine of empire (Sam) and the administrators (Democrates and Republicans) for the imperial Order.

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