Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: Blood Money, 4th of July

Download audio: MP3 at 50.9 mebibytes (download torrent)

Slave Revolt kicks back into gear with a episode dealing with the global imperial impact of the war capitalist institutions.

In this (Beyond The Shadow) segment called Blood Money: The corporate structuring of world societies for permanent imperial wars and conquest'. The privatized corporate system is taken to task. Relationships between war and 'cost plus' contracts to disaster capitalists like Halliburton, arms capitalists like Lockheed Martian, and private resource capitalist like big oil are brought into focus. Antonia Juhasz Author of the book 'The Bush Agenda' and Brigadier General Smedley Butler's 1930's classic 'War is a racket' help expose this past and present global corporate game of death for the many, riches for the few.

Slave Revolt then brings it home with a 4th of July nightmare for the slaves with a Tracey James commentary called 'Happy 4th of Jul-lie: it ain't our independence day'. Cause for the slaves independence will only come when the flesh-peddlers the world over exist no more.