Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Globalization of Beauty

A quick look at the cosmetic effects of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Pretty Tamara Richards is convinced that white people have all the advantages in the world. She believes that white people get jobs easier, earn the highest salaries and attract handsome and wealthy men.

But there’s one little problem: Tamara is just about four shades darker than the typical white woman and just barely graces the ‘browning’ category among her black people in Jamaica.

Her perception is that the fairer you are, the more likely one is to become successful socially, economically and romantically.

The 18-year-old Jamaican has always wished she had a lighter color. So to solve her ‘problem’, Tamara is using skin-lightening creams. "White people get the better things in life, yes," she says. "You have a lot of advantages when you are white."

In this Caribbean island of 2.6 million people, health authorities say hundreds are skin bleaching and the problem is that many people misuse by overuse skin lightening creams, which are prescribed at low doses to correct uneven pigmentation.

However, the products, many of them manufactured in North America and Europe are sold over the counter throughout the island, the Caribbean and the world.

"The prolonged and continued use of these creams will lead to a face looking like a grater," warns Dr. Persadsingh. "When we are faced with this type of damage there is nothing that we can do except to advise the patient to live with their condition."

In Kenya, a TV ad features a young woman staring lovingly at her boyfriend in a college cafeteria. Another pretty woman with slightly lighter skin walks by, upon which the man jokingly asks the girlfriend how he can tell the woman that she is the "most beautiful girl I have ever seen." Devastated, the young woman responds to a voiceover advising her to use "Fair and Lovely," a skin cream promising "special fairness vitamins" and guaranteed to lighten her complexion in just six weeks. The young woman uses the cream and, sure enough, keeps her man.

Over at South Korea, it wasn't too many generations ago that kids had no control over their looks. Their hair, for example, was considered a gift from their parents—never to be cut. But today, kids drop into the plastic surgeon's office after school, and when they get home their folks can barely recognize them.

As in the rest of Asia, South Korea's primary cosmetic obsession is with the eyes. Having bigger eyes is every girl's dream, and it can now be realized through a simple $800 operation, in which a small incision or suture is made above the eye to create an artificial double lid. Teenagers as young as 14 are doing it, and eye jobs have become a favorite high school graduation gift from proud parents.

In Singapore, Creative director and stylist Alvin Goh had double eyelid surgery. Goh says surgery made him feel better about himself and more comfortable working in the image-conscious fashion industry.

It seems like the trend has come to the United States. More and more women of color in America are faced with images of brown women wearing blonde wigs, or blonde extensions, contact lenses, bleached skin, and an overall rejection of true Ethnic pride. Part of this has been consistent with some of the above statements. It comes down to bankability. The Market dictates. Today the market promotes Caucasian features while at the same time cashing in on Hip-Hop. Here are the results.

Friday, October 29, 2004

9/11 Conspirators Met With Bush After The Attack!

Sami al-Arian and Abdurahman al-Amoudi have been photographed with the President and met with Administration Officials post-9/11, yet both have links to the September 11 plot.

Even though their 'background' as operatives was well known as early as 1996, one month before 9.11 President George W. Bush thanked Al-Arian's wife for a book she sent him, expressing "regret" about how her son was being treated.

Bush Administration officials met with terrorists linked to 9/11 like Sami al-Arian and Abdurahman al-Amoudi even after the attack.

The busy Mr. al-Arian had contacts not only with Mohamed Atta and al-Qaeda, the MadCowMorningNews has learned, but also with Karl Rove and the Bush Administration. Read Full Story

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Oil Exporters Rake in the Dough

Associated Press
26th October, 2004

While Americans wince as they fill up their sport utility vehicles with $2-a-gallon gasoline, market forces are smiling on the Saudi Arabias and Exxon Mobils of the world.

A transfer of wealth of historic proportions is taking place as worldwide spending on oil is expected to grow this year by about $295 billion, or 27 percent, compared with 2003, according to government data. Consumers and businesses are paying substantially more for gasoline, heating oil, diesel and other products derived from crude as demand and prices surge. Read More

Monday, October 25, 2004


I'm shocked! Shocked, to find out that Ashlee Simpson lip-syncs. Next I'll find out that there's no real difference between a Democrat or a Republican, or that the government doesn't do what's best for us, or that the September eleventh attacks was an inside job.

To watch Ashlee Simpson make an ass out of herself the video is here.

Moving on to more crap, we have the video of Ann Coulter getting pied. If only there were bullets in the pie. That last sentence is the kind of delicate prose Ann Coulter is known for. Thanks for people who have the balls to not be part of the Stepford community that has become the United States. She was giving a speech at the University of Arizona, when two men, now arrested, hurled a pie onstage. It appears they didn't like what the conservative hack columnist had to say.

One of the pies glanced off of her shoulder and she wasn't hurt. Too bad.

Coulter is best known for her bashing of Democrats and liberals. Her half-hour speech Thursday night was spent talking about John Kerry and criticizing his policies. She keeps everything as a left/right issue, so as to keep people polarized. This only helps the corrupt government, not the people.

Coulter is the author of several shitty books and also writes a horrible column for Universal Press Syndicate. Her latest piece of crap book is called "How To Talk To A Liberal (If You Must): The World According To Ann Coulter".

Here's to the next pie having bullets.

Moving on to one of the pleasant voices in the world of Crap Culture. Triumph the Insult Dog did interviews with various pundits after the third presidential debate. It's worth the watch. Here's the video.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Coonology 101: An Education

by Dynasty Williams

It’s been almost 20 long years since Robert Townsend first released his classic film “Hollywood Shuffle.” This breakthrough movie was a satirical look at the relationship between big time producers and African American actors scraping for a piece of the glamorous Tinsel Town pie. While Bobby Taylor (Townsend’s lead character) hoped to land more heroic roles that positively represented Black folk, he was always forced into demeaning and distasteful stereotypes.

Although in recent years we have seen some sweeping changes in the industry with Black actors landing leading roles and receiving accolades for their performances, much has stayed the same. Most of us African Americans quietly felt as if Denzel Washington and Halle Berry’s monumental Oscar winning night solidified our acting movement – even if their roles weren’t their finest. We all know “Malcolm X” was the one for Washington. It now seems as if those Oscars were simply a pair of massive STFU biscuits to keep Black people smiling for a few years.

Although Denzel, Halle, Will Smith, and Samuel Jackson continue to thrive, many of our less fortunate African American actors are put between a rock and the wall by either working as an unbecoming character, or not working. Recently, many of our most revered Hip Hop artists, who placed their acting skills in the Hollywood arena, have been put in industry headlocks just like ol’ Bobby Taylor 20 years ago. Awwwww, pat them on the back because they really don’t have much of a choice or do they?

So let’s advance a step further for those actors who feel the desperate need to work at any cost to their dignity regardless of the effect on the general population. I have a developed an introductory course. Coonology 101 will teach each and every Black actor how to work professionally in Hollywood for an entire lifetime. Follow this simple course guideline and you’re guaranteed to land roles in major productions-FOREVER .

Course name: Coonology 101

Required viewings (not complete):

TV Shows: “Doggy Fizzle Television,” “The Parkers,” “The Little Rascals,”

Movies: “How High, “Soul Plane,” “Malibu’s Most Wanted,” “Bamboozled” “Hollywood Shuffle,” “Bringing Down the House,” “Jerry McGuire (Cuba Gooding),” “White Chicks,” “Juwanna Mann,” “I Got Da Hook-Up”

Topics of Course Discussion:

1. The Evolution of Cooning

Back in the day, we would buck our eyes out and tap dance all over the damn place. This is something that truly opened the doors, which were barely cracked in the dawning of film and television. Black America would never go for that type of basic cooning now. Today we must coon by making light of other new millennium stereotypes that have been placed on our people. Spike Lee referred to this as an “advanced form of coonery and buffoonery,” when referring to “Soul Plane.”

2. The African American Sex Drive

A coon, must salivate and chase every big black tail or set of huge breasteses that we see. This testosterone overload could lead to multiple babies’ mommas or baby daddies. For all the hypersexuality, the interracial dating is still forbidden.

3. The White Black Contrast

Coons must always emphasize the stark difference in Black and White people. These differences can come in the form of language differences or cultural differences. However, you must slip your coonery in under the guise of making fun of how corny or bland White America is. Or you have to laugh until your eyes bug out of your head.

4. Voice Inflection

To portray our people effectively, you must have proper voice tone and inflection. This means that your voice goes from loud, to louder. Never calm, never rational. At times it can fluctuate into a high-pitched scream like “DY-NO-MITE!!” “OHHHHHH SHIIIIIT,” is very popular today because even Black men can hit an octave that rivals Mariah Carey with it. In the 70’s, “You, jive a** turkey” was an appropriate term and now its either “n***a, b***h, punk a** mother f***er, b***ch a** n***a, b***ch a** mother f***er, mother f***n’ mother f***er, b***ch a** b***ch or innumerable combinations.

5. Language

The use of certain words is essential in coonery. N***a is the most important word that you have to us it like a crack head uses crack - as much as possible. Other words that demean women are important too. B***ch is the most popular, but ho, whore and slut are gaining fast. In the movie “Soul Plane,” a movie written by a hip-hop label head, an astonishing 146 “n***as were reeled off by the actors. This took the movie to new heights of coonery that would make a normal person’s nose bleed.

6. Food and Drinks

Learn how to stomach a 40 ounce of OE. Weed is an essential daily intake. And the usual chicken, collard greens, and watermelon are a must. Learn how to drink, smoke and eat all of these items. Remember you can’t do without these delicacies in film video or movies. F**K water and bread. Learn how to eat n***a style. If you go to into an upscale restaurant where these Negro treats aren’t served, it’s a must that you mask your inability to read a menu correctly. Redd Foxx did this so eloquently in the hit series ‘Sanford and Son.’ Botch up all the words, then get frustrated and say “ That s**t gives me gas.”

7. Under Qualified

Always appear under qualified for every important position. Whether you are a pilot afraid of heights like Snoop in “Soul Plane,” or going to college like Meth and Red in “How High,” you must be placed in your position on a technicality or a hook up by one of your n**gas. Another great example is “White Chicks,” which stars the Wayans Brothers. The pair play two disgraced Black FBI agents who have to resort to “becoming” white women to keep working. Another tip is when things go wrong, always look scared or disheveled when attempting to work it out. Never under any circumstances, do you complete a mission successfully or display competence. If you do, it has to be assisting a superior, more heroic, white man. Props to Danny Glover (a very respectable man in real life) for being the bumbling sidekick in the ‘Lethal Weapon’ trilogy. While Mel did the tight stunts, Danny was being the supportive Black buffoon, even getting caught taking a dump on a bomb laced toilet.

8. Priorities

As a coon, your main goal is to make people laugh at any costs. If that means doing the Chicken head in the middle of a church service…you must. Momma Payne from ‘Martin’ always caught the holy spirit in Church and she would always manage to transform that into some tight break dancing moves. If you have to poke your eyes and lips out and say “What the F**k is you talking bout n**ga,” do it. Do whatever it takes to make people bust a gut, you coon, you!

9. The Defense

The last and most important aspect in today’s coonery is the infallible “Defense.” Because of all these “Pro-Black” leaders and groups, a good defense is something that a coon should always be armed with. Draw similarities between popular white shows in which the performers have acted idiotic. Explain that it’s just a comedy and it’s not to be taken seriously. Rationalize that it’s only aimed at certain class, not a race. Kramer from “Seinfeld” is a good reference point as a classic clown who, if Black, would be widely panned.

Remember, all these critics are taking things way too seriously. They are just “hating” when they should be glad to see a brother – eh-hem-coon- doing good. They should merely be pleased that you are “eating,” not concerned with stereotyped roles and stale ideas.

This class is for all wanna-be actors and artists who decide that the coon and buffoon is a viable option to keep their flickering name in the fading limelight.

Course Cost : A low fee of your dignity, self-respect, and your career

Monday, October 18, 2004

Rapper, Racism, and Jon Stewart

Newsflash! Kris Parker, also know as KRS-One, does not speak for all Black people! According to New York's Daily News, KRS-One said that he and his Black friends "cheered when 9/11 happened." His reasoning had to do with racism. He doesn't think 9/11 is a Black issue. Now, racism is a global problem, for sure, but using identity politics as an excuse to cheer for what was an act of -- well, I'm not going to get into all the evil talk. There were people of all colors in that building, and of all classes. The Patriot Act WILL be used on the poor much more than any other group, and Blacks, last time I checked, still populate the poor neighborhoods in the cities that will be affected. KRS-ONE needs to read more. Check out the article (link).

Paris Hilton is a trampy chick not worth much thought, but, this article about her using the word "Nigger" is an another example of how the media uses identity politics to keep us stupid. Again, racism is a real problem, but some rich slut who tosses the "N-Word" around is nothing more than a distraction, and a way for mainstream media to cheapen the real racism that's embedded in the institutions we depend on. (link)

Jon Stewart is a man. No longer just a cynical Gen-Xer, but a thinking, concerned citizen. He went on CNN's Crossfire and called the hosts of the show Hacks and Dicks. Great television. I do wish he connected the theater of the phony media with the theater of the phony government, but, I ask for too much, this is a nice beginning for a guy who started as a hack comedian. Here's a link for download. Free of commercials. (WMV link)

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Conspiracies, Perverts, and The Loss of Free Speech

Surfing the web, I came across the third installment of a series by Daniel Hopsicker. He's been investigating the conspiracy theorists & researchers who have banded together for the 9/11 Truth Movement. This is some of the funniest, strangely engaging writing about this subject. It reads like a Political Science Fiction novel. He links together Iran/Contra arms dealers with John Gray and adds the Heaven's Gate suicide cult. Here's the links (part1, part2, part3)

Also, over at Break For News, there's a series of interviews with Hopsicker. It's worth listening to if you're interested in what he writes about.

The angry Irishman finally got bitch slapped by the heavy hand of Karma when a Fox News producer tells the world about Bill O'Reilly's kinky ways. I saw this coming a mile away. Can anyone say Morton Downey Jr. ? Anyway, for those who haven't seen it yet, there's a five minute video montage floating around the web of O'Reilly talking about sex. It shows how obsessed he is with certain sexual acts. Saw this coming a mile away. Already said that. Here's the Quicktime file for download.

Moving on, I came across a video of the raid on Free Radio Santa Cruz. They've been broadcasting without a license for ten years. In the past month there's been a string of raids around the country. Alternative voices have been suppressed. Wonder what Kerry thinks about this? Here's the Quicktime Video.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


by Rohan Seivwright

Why do I have zero interest in the debates? Maybe because the debates have been so managed by the two dominant parties that I recognize bad theater when I see it. I don't have an appreciation for bad theater. Plus, my IQ is higher than two, so I'm easily offended by such a sham. Maybe it's because Bush calls himself a conservative yet the government has expanded to the point of wanting to change the Constitution to please bigots while trashing the Bill of Rights with Patriot Acts 1 & 2 to please elite power. Maybe because Bush and Kerry feel it's okay to have Free-Speech zones. Maybe because I thought freedom of speech was an unalienable right, not a privilege. Maybe it's because billionaire Kerry who supposedly is a champion for the poor, doesn't stand up against corporate outsourcing and feels it's okay for the government to make life easier for corporations with subsidies while giving them tax breaks and incentives, as if they don't have that already. Yeah, make life easier for corporations, while schools are starved, Tort reform removes a layer of protection from patients, and universal health care remains a carrot constantly dangled and never released.

Maybe it's because Kerry headed a committee which investigated
Iran-Contra crimes, recognizing the CIA's involvement with cocaine trafficking, yet talks about fighting the drug war, not within the Pentagon, or the CIA, or Wall Street, but by more heavy-handed policing in the cities, and I guess placing more young street dealers in prison. Maybe it's because the drug war is a war against the poor, robbing them of their civil liberties. Maybe it's because Kerry supports the Patriot Act. Maybe it's because Bush wants immigrants to come across the border, not because he has a bleeding heart, but because he wants them to work for five dollars an hour, or as he said, "five dollars and fifteen cents" an hour, keeping wages low, and leaving them exposed for exploitation. Maybe it's because Kerry hired Bush's ex-counter terrororism advisor, Rand Beers, who was the architect under Clinton of the Plan Colombia scam, where planes spray pesticides over the crops of the poor, while ultra-rich drug kingpins are allowed to grow, ship, and profit off of tons of cocaine. Maybe it's because over two million -- maybe three by now -- black men are in prison primarily for drug charges. Maybe because 6.9 million Americans are in the correctional system as the prison industry booms with the help of privatization.

Maybe it's because the World Bank, IMF, WTO, and other Free Trade racketeers use America's muscle to punch holes through the sovereignty of countries around the world, mainly brown skin countries, and suck the economic blood from them, causing
civil unrest. Maybe it's because Bush surrounded himself with former Iran-Contra and Gulf War criminals, like John Poindexter, John Negroponte, Richard Armitage, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and so on. Maybe it's because Kerry hired a brazen war criminal, Wesley Clarke, onto his staff . Maybe it's because Kerry continues to reference Ronald Reagan as an example of his plans for a new America. Maybe it's because the Middle-East will become the new South America. Maybe it's because America has been so Gumpified by Crap-Culture (Reality Shows, Oprah, and the like) that few people understand the dangers of imperial power, and Globalization, and the CIA's history of dirty tricks, and the unanswered questions of September eleventh.

Maybe it's because in the end, being the product of the cocaine 80's and go-go 90's, I've realized that whether it's a Republican (Reagan) who enabled the crack-cocaine epidemic, or a Democrat (Clinton) who deregulated to make life easier for corporate criminals while "reforming" welfare to shrink the unimpressive safety net for the poor, we as a people are FUCKED. We are fucked until we shut off the corporate/government run television, turn off the corporate/government run radio, get out into the streets and protest/fight like hell for the end of the two-party system, an end to the destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, an end to the Military Industrial Complex, an end to the Prison Industrial Complex, an end to an immoral Market- Based system that makes whores of us all, an end to Apathy.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Howard Stern & 9/11

It seems that even Howard Stern has some suspicions about what really happened on the morning of September 11, 2001, especially in regard to a Boeing 757 supposedly crashing into the Pentagon. A blogger named Mark Friggin wrote on September 17, 2004:

"Howard said there's a cover up at the Pentagon as well and he's the only one who's talking about it. That led to him talking about how the Pentagon allegedly had a plane crash into it. Howard said that there are no tire tracks or any remnants of a plane there at the Pentagon. Howard wondered how the only damage at the Pentagon was a round hole from something that was probably a missile. He said if the plane had hit there at the Pentagon, it should have slid down the lawn to the side of the building. There were no marks on the lawn and there was a hole inside the building that looked like a missile or something had hit it. Howard said it's obvious that we're being lied to about this stuff. Howard said he has a link on his web site about this stuff so you can see the cover up yourself.

Howard wondered what happened to the parts of the plane that allegedly hit the Pentagon. They never found any parts of it. Robin pointed out that they just released a report today saying that there were never any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq but people don't seem to care that we invaded the country for no reason. Howard said he had to take a break after that."

With these revelations in mind, do you think this is why Clear Channel and the FCC want Mr. Stern off the air? I sure don't hear Sean Hannity, Al Franken, Bill O'Reilly, Mike Gallagher, Alan Colmes, or Laura Ingraham talking about this matter.

Saturday, October 09, 2004


"You open your ass and you open your mind and you open your heart." Toni Bentley talks about her new anal sex memoir, "The Surrender."

Oct. 8, 2004 As a young woman, Toni Bentley danced with the New York City Ballet, and made a second career writing well-reviewed books about it. She knew George Balanchine and co-wrote Suzanne Farrell's autobiography, can delicately describe the agony of toeshoes and the psychological rigors of the barre. Now she has turned her literary attention to another activity that stretches body, mind and psyche: sodomy.

In "The Surrender," her 205-page "erotic memoir," by Page 26 Bentley has dispatched with her first orgasm (after French erotica on the Upper East Side), the loss of her vaginal virginity (to a man who tells her, "You've got a great ass"), an affair with a stagehand who has her sit on his face, and a 10-year marriage. She then sits back and luxuriates in her chronicle of her post-marriage sexual experimentation. There is her cunnilingus-heavy affair with a masseur she continues to pay, her appreciation for "Pussy Hounds" or men "who live to dive," and repeated threesomes with a Pre-Raphaelite redheaded woman and a "Young Man," who later gets a new epithet, "A-Man." A-Man is the lover who introduces Bentley to anal intercourse, the act that gives "The Surrender," and Bentley herself, a soul. Read More

Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Coincidence Theorist's Guide to 9/11

Happy coincidenting!

That governments have permitted terrorist acts against their own people, and have even themselves been perpetrators in order to find strategic advantage is quite likely true, but this is the United States we're talking about.

That intelligence agencies, financiers, terrorists and narco-criminals have a long history together is well established, but the Nugan Hand Bank, BCCI, Banco Ambrosiano, the P2 Lodge, the CIA/Mafia anti-Castro/Kennedy alliance, Iran/Contra and the rest were a long time ago, so there’s no need to rehash all that. That was then, this is now!

That Jonathan Bush’s Riggs Bank has been found guilty of laundering terrorist funds and fined a US-record $25 million must embarrass his nephew George, but it's still no justification for leaping to paranoid conclusions.

That George Bush's brother Marvin sat on the board of the Kuwaiti-owned company which provided electronic security to the World Trade Centre, Dulles Airport and United Airlines means nothing more than you must admit those Bush boys have done alright for themselves.

That George Bush found success as a businessman only after the investment of Osama’s brother Salem and reputed al Qaeda financier Khalid bin Mahfouz is just one of those things - one of those crazy things.

That Osama bin Laden is known to have been an asset of US foreign policy in no way implies he still is.

That al Qaeda was active in the Balkan conflict, fighting on the same side as the US as recently as 1999, while the US protected its cells, is merely one of history's little aberrations.

The claims of Michael Springman, State Department veteran of the Jeddah visa bureau, that the CIA ran the office and issued visas to al Qaeda members so they could receive training in the United States, sound like the sour grapes of someone who was fired for making such wild accusations.

That one of George Bush's first acts as President, in January 2001, was to end the two-year deployment of attack submarines which were positioned within striking distance of al Qaeda's Afghanistan camps, even as the group's guilt for the Cole bombing was established, proves that a transition from one administration to the next is never an easy task.

That so many influential figures in and close to the Bush White House had expressed, just a year before the attacks, the need for a "new Pearl Harbor" before their militarist ambitions could be fulfilled, demonstrates nothing more than the accidental virtue of being in the right place at the right time.

That the company PTECH, founded by a Saudi financier placed on America’s Terrorist Watch List in October 2001, had access to the FAA’s entire computer system for two years before the 9/11 attack, means he must not have been such a threat after all.

That whistleblower Indira Singh was told to keep her mouth shut and forget what she learned when she took her concerns about PTECH to her employers and federal authorities, suggests she lacked the big picture. And that the Chief Auditor for JP Morgan Chase told Singh repeatedly, as she answered questions about who supplied her with what information, that "that person should be killed," suggests he should take an anger management seminar.

That on May 8, 2001, Dick Cheney took upon himself the job of co-ordinating a response to domestic terror attacks even as he was crafting the administration’s energy policy which bore implications for America's military, circumventing the established infrastructure and ignoring the recommendations of the Hart-Rudman report, merely shows the VP to be someone who finds it hard to delegate.

That the standing order which covered the shooting down of hijacked aircraft was altered on June 1, 2001, taking discretion away from field commanders and placing it solely in the hands of the Secretary of Defense, is simply poor planning and unfortunate timing. Fortunately the error has been corrected, as the order was rescinded shortly after 9/11.

That in the weeks before 9/11, FBI agent Colleen Rowley found her investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui so perversely thwarted that her colleagues joked that bin Laden had a mole at the FBI, proves the stress-relieving virtue of humour in the workplace.

That Dave Frasca of the FBI’s Radical Fundamentalist Unit received a promotion after quashing multiple, urgent requests for investigations into al Qaeda assets training at flight schools in the summer of 2001 does appear on the surface odd, but undoubtedly there's a good reason for it, quite possibly classified.

That FBI informant Randy Glass, working an undercover sting, was told by Pakistani intelligence operatives that the World Trade Center towers were coming down, and that his repeated warnings which continued until weeks before the attacks, including the mention of planes used as weapons, were ignored by federal authorities, is simply one of the many "What Ifs" of that tragic day.

That over the summer of 2001 Washington received many urgent, senior-level warnings from foreign intelligence agencies and governments - including those of Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia, Egypt, Israel, Morocco, Afghanistan and others - of impending terror attacks using hijacked aircraft and did nothing, demonstrates the pressing need for a new Intelligence Czar.

That John Ashcroft stopped flying commercial aircraft in July 2001 on account of security considerations had nothing to do with warnings regarding September 11, because he said so to the 9/11 Commission.

That former lead counsel for the House David Schippers says he’d taken to John Ashcroft’s office specific warnings he’d learned from FBI agents in New York of an impending attack – even naming the proposed dates, names of the hijackers and the targets – and that the investigations had been stymied and the agents threatened, proves nothing but David Schipper’s pathetic need for attention.

That Garth Nicolson received two warnings from contacts in the intelligence community and one from a North African head of state, which included specific site, date and source of the attacks, and passed the information to the Defense Department and the National Security Council to evidently no effect, clearly amounts to nothing, since virtually nobody has ever heard of him.

That in the months prior to September 11, self-described US intelligence operative Delmart Vreeland sought, from a Toronto jail cell, to get US and Canadian authorities to heed his warning of his accidental discovery of impending catastrophic attacks is worthless, since Vreeland was a dubious character, notwithstanding the fact that many of his claims have since been proven true.

That FBI Special Investigator Robert Wright claims that agents assigned to intelligence operations actually protect terrorists from investigation and prosecution, that the FBI shut down his probe into terrorist training camps, and that he was removed from a money-laundering case that had a direct link to terrorism, sounds like yet more sour grapes from a disgruntled employee.

That George Bush had plans to invade Afghanistan on his desk before 9/11 demonstrates only the value of being prepared.

The suggestion that securing a pipeline across Afghanistan figured into the White House’s calculations is as ludicrous as the assertion that oil played a part in determining war in Iraq.

That Afghanistan is once again the world’s principal heroin producer is an unfortunate reality, but to claim the CIA is still actively involved in the narcotics trade is to presume bad faith on the part of the agency.

Mahmood Ahmed, chief of Pakistan’s ISI, must not have authorized an al Qaeda payment of $100,000 to Mohammed Atta days before the attacks, and was not meeting with senior Washington officials over the week of 9/11, because I didn’t read anything about him in the official report.

That Porter Goss met with Ahmed the morning of September 11 in his capacity as Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has no bearing whatsoever upon his recent selection by the White House to head the Central Intelligence Agency.

That Goss's congressional seat encompasses the 9/11 hijackers' Florida base of operation, including their flight schools, is precisely the kind of meaningless factoid a conspiracy theorist would bring up.

It's true that George HW Bush and Dick Cheney spent the evening of September 10 alone in the Oval Office, but what's wrong with old colleagues catching up? And it's true that George HW Bush and Shafig bin Laden, Osama's brother, spent the morning of September 11 together at a board meeting of the Carlyle Group, but the bin Ladens are a big family.

That FEMA arrived in New York on Sept 10 to prepare for a scheduled biowarfare drill, and had a triage centre ready to go that was larger and better equipped than the one that was lost in the collapse of WTC 7, was a lucky twist of fate.

Newsweek’s report that senior Pentagon officials cancelled flights on Sept 10 for the following day on account of security concerns is only newsworthy because of what happened the following morning.

That George Bush's telephone logs for September 11 do not exist should surprise no one, given the confusion of the day.

That Mohamed Atta attended the International Officer's School at Maxwell Air Force Base, that Abdulaziz Alomari attended Brooks Air Force Base Aerospace Medical School, that Saeed Alghamdi attended the Defense Language Institute in Monterey merely shows it is a small world, after all.

That Lt Col Steve Butler, Vice Chancellor for student affairs of the Defense Language Institute during Alghamdi's terms, was disciplined, removed from his post and threatened with court martial when he wrote "Bush knew of the impending attacks on America. He did nothing to warn the American people because he needed this war on terrorism. What is...contemptible is the President of the United States not telling the American people what he knows for political gain," is the least that should have happened for such disrespect shown his Commander in Chief.

That Mohammed Atta dressed like a Mafioso, had a stripper girlfriend, smuggled drugs, was already a licensed pilot when he entered the US, enjoyed pork chops, drank to excess and did cocaine, was closer to Europeans than Arabs in Florida, and included the names of defence contractors on his email list, proves how dangerous the radical fundamentalist Muslim can be.

That 43 lbs of heroin was found on board the Lear Jet owned by Wally Hilliard, the owner of Atta’s flight school, just three weeks after Atta enrolled – the biggest seizure ever in Central Florida – was just bad luck. That Hilliard was not charged shows how specious the claims for conspiracy truly are.

That Hilliard’s plane had made 30-round trips to Venezuela with the same passengers who always paid cash, that the plane had been supplied by a pair of drug smugglers who had also outfitted CIA drug runner Barry Seal, and that 9/11 commissioner Richard ben-Veniste had been Seal’s attorney before Seal’s murder, shows nothing but the lengths to which conspiracists will go to draw sinister conclusions.

Reports of insider trading on 9/11 are false, because the SEC investigated and found only respectable investors who will remain nameless involved, and no terrorists, so the windfall profit-taking was merely, as ever, coincidental.

That heightened security for the World Trade Centre was lifted immediately prior to the attacks illustrates that it always happens when you least expect it.

That Hani Hanjour, the pilot of Flight 77, was so incompetent he could not fly a Cessna in August, but in September managed to fly a 767 at excessive speed into a spiraling, 270-degree descent and a level impact of the first floor of the Pentagon, on the only side that was virtually empty and had been hardened to withstand a terrorist attack, merely demonstrates that people can do almost anything once they set their minds to it.

That none of the flight data recorders were said to be recoverable even though they were located in the tail sections, and that until 9/11, no solid-state recorder in a catastrophic crash had been unrecoverable, shows how there's a first time for everything.

That Mohammed Atta left a uniform, a will, a Koran, his driver's license and a "how to fly planes" video in his rental car at the airport means he had other things on his mind.

The mention of Israelis with links to military-intelligence having been arrested on Sept 11 videotaping and celebrating the attacks, of an Israeli espionage ring surveiling DEA and defense installations and trailing the hijackers, and of a warning of impending attacks delivered to the Israeli company Odigo two hours before the first plane hit, does not deserve a response.

That the stories also appeared in publications such as Ha'aretz and Forward is a sad display of self-hatred among certain elements of the Israeli media.

That multiple military wargames and simulations were underway the morning of 9/11 – one simulating the crash of a plane into a building; another, a live-fly simulation of multiple hijackings – and took many interceptors away from the eastern seaboard and confused field commanders as to which was a real hijacked aircraft and which was a hoax, was a bizarre coincidence, but no less a coincidence.

That the National Military Command Center ops director asked a rookie substitute to stand his watch at 8:30 am on Sept. 11 is nothing more than bad timing.

That a recording made Sept 11 of air traffic controllers’ describing what they had witnessed, was destroyed by an FAA official who crushed it in his hand, cut the tape into little pieces and dropped them in different trash cans around the building, is something no doubt that overzealous official wishes he could undo.

That the FBI knew precisely which Florida flight schools to descend upon hours after the attacks should make every American feel safer knowing their federal agents are on the ball.

That a former flight school executive believes the hijackers were "double agents," and says about Atta and associates, "Early on I gleaned that these guys had government protection. They were let into this country for a specific purpose," and was visited by the FBI just four hours after the attacks to intimidate him into silence, proves he's an unreliable witness, for the simple reason there is no conspiracy.

That Jeb Bush was on board an aircraft that removed flight school records to Washington in the middle of the night on Sept 12th demonstrates how seriously the governor takes the issue of national security.

To insinuate evil motive from the mercy flights of bin Laden family members and Saudi royals after 9/11 shows the sickness of the conspiratorial mindset.

Le Figaro’s report in October 2001, known to have originated with French intelligence, that the CIA met Osama bin Laden in a Dubai hospital in July 2001, proves again the perfidy of the French.

That the tape in which bin Laden claims responsibility for the attacks was released by the State Department after having been found providentially by US forces in Afghanistan, and depicts a fattened Osama with a broader face and a flatter nose, proves Osama, and Osama alone, masterminded 9/11.

That at the battle of Tora Bora, where bin Laden was surrounded on three sides, Special Forces received no order to advance and capture him and were forced to stand and watch as two Russian-made helicopters flew into the area where bin Laden was believed hiding, loaded up passengers and returned to Pakistan, demonstrates how confusing the modern battlefield can be.

That upon returning to Fort Bragg from Tora Bora, the same Special Operations troops who had been stood down from capturing bin Laden, suffered a unusual spree of murder/suicides, is nothing more than a series of senseless tragedies.

Reports that bin Laden is currently receiving periodic dialysis treatment in a Pakistani medical hospital are simply too incredible to be true.

That the White House went on Cipro September 11 shows the foresightedness of America’s emergency response.

That the anthrax was mailed to perceived liberal media and the Democratic leadership demonstrates only the perversity of the terrorist psyche.

That the anthrax attacks appeared to silence opponents of the Patriot Act shows only that appearances can be deceiving.

That the Ames-strain anthrax was found to have originated at Fort Detrick, and was beyond the capability of all but a few labs to refine, underscores the importance of allowing the investigation to continue without the distraction of absurd conspiracy theories.

That Republican guru Grover Norquist has been found to have aided financiers and supporters of Islamic terror to gain access to the Bush White House, and is a founder of the Islamic Institute, which the Treasury Department believes to be a source of funding for al Qaeda, suggests Norquist is at worst, naive, and at best, needs a wider circle of friends.

That the Department of Justice consistently chooses to see accused 9/11 plotters go free rather than permit the courtroom testimony of al Qaeda leaders in American custody looks bad, but only because we don't have all the facts.

That the White House balked at any inquiry into the events of 9/11, then starved it of funds and stonewalled it, was unfortunate, but since the commission didn't find for conspiracy it's all a non issue anyway.

That the 9/11 commission's executive director and "gatekeeper," Philip Zelikow, was so closely involved in the events under investigation that he testified before the the commission as part of the inquiry, shows only an apparent conflict of interest.

That commission chair Thomas Kean is, like George Bush, a Texas oil executive who had business dealings with reputed al Qaeda financier Khalid bin Mafouz, suggests Texas is smaller than they say it is.

That co-chair Lee Hamilton has a history as a Bush family "fixer," including clearing Bush Sr of the claims arising from the 1980 "October Surprise", is of no concern, since only conspiracists believe there was such a thing as an October Surprise.

That FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds accuses the agency of intentionally fudging specific pre-9/11 warnings and harboring a foreign espionage ring in its translation department, and claims she witnessed evidence of the semi-official infrastructure of money-laundering and narcotics trade behind the attacks, is of no account, since John Ashcroft has gagged her with the rare invocation of "State Secrets Privilege," and retroactively classified her public testimony. For the sake of national security, let us speak no more of her.

That, when commenting on Edmond's case, Daniel Ellsberg remarked that Ashcroft could go to prison for his part in a cover-up, suggests Ellsberg is giving comfort to the terrorists, and could, if he doesn't wise up, find himself declared an enemy combatant.

I could go on. And on and on. But I trust you get the point. Which is simply this: there are no secrets, an American government would never accept civilian casualties for geostrategic gain, and conspiracies are for the weak-minded and gullible.


Haiti provides one of the clearest opportunities John Kerry has to distinguish himself from George W. Bush. Unlike the ill-advised pro-war corner he has painted himself into on Iraq, Kerry never supported the International Republican Institute-orchestrated February 29, 2004 coup that drove President Jean-Bertrand Aristide from office. In fact, Kerry provided one of the more perceptive comments about Haiti policy, saying the Bush Administration has "a theological and an ideological hatred for Aristide." Read More

O'Reilly Flip-Flopped On Picking Debate Winner

One week before the first presidential debate, FOX News Channel host Bill O'Reilly promised his radio show listeners: "[W]e're going to give you a numerical system -- who won the debate and then how they won." Following the September 30 debate, however, as a consensus emerged that Senator John Kerry had "won" the debate, O'Reilly changed his mind. "I'm not going to tell you who won the debate because I really don't have any right to tell you that," he said.

Here's O'Reilly before the debate, on the September 23 broadcast of the nationally syndicated Radio Factor with Bill O'Reilly:

O'REILLY: We will be down in Miami for that debate, giving you the best coverage. And I'm going to do it like a prizefight. I'm going to kind of come on the radio the day after the debate, and we're going to give you a numerical system -- who won the debate and then how they won. Is that fair?

All right, I'm going to be as objective as possible, because I don't have a dog in the hunt.

And here's O'Reilly on the radio the day after the debate, on the October 1 broadcast of The Radio Factor:

O'REILLY: I may surprise you, but I'm not going to tell you who won the debate because I really don't have any right to tell you that. You should make up your own mind on that, and if you didn't see it, you can call me at 1-877-9-NO-SPIN. I'll give you my opinion on various aspects of the debate, but I'm not going to tell you who won it. I mean, I think that's a little haughty. It's a little haughty to do that.


--from Media Matters

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Good, The Bad, The Funny as Hell

From larceny to sexual impropriety, it's good to see cops being revealed for all to see as more and more of the people who are supposed to protect us, in actuality, are the real criminals. Hopefully the Bush administration will get the same treatment, but don't hold your breath.

And how obvious is it now that there's not a damn bit of difference between the elite Democrats and the elite Republicans. Don't believe it yet? Well, look at Barack Obama's statements about Iran and ask yourself: Who does this sound like?

Obama told the Tribune, "[T]he big question is going to be, if Iran is resistant to these pressures, including economic sanctions, which I hope will be imposed if they do not cooperate, at what point are we going to, if any, are we going to take military action?"

But not all is lost, as these upstanding black leaders do the same dirt that they used to criticize whites for doing, at least race relations have improved, as now, more Anglos have found themselves embraced by the people who used to blame them for all the wrong in the world. If you can't beat them, join them. As societies suffer abroad, we can pretend everything is okay at home and have a laugh.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Drug Dealers & Homeland InSecurity

Former US customs agent Diane Klieman has been fired for telling the truth about the scam that is the WAR ON DRUGS, and what is looking more and more like a scam, HOMELAND SECURITY.

Don't trust the government to take care of you. It's an obsolete institution owned by the super-rich. They have contempt for the general public. The leaders in office rely on the media to condition you, brainwash you, like a cult, to follow the partisan line. Here's another interview that reveals yet another glitch in the system.

Listen online or Download the interview.


Nader, say what you want about him, has always told the truth about the two party sytem. It's sad how beat down the public has gotten, blindly accepting this two party nonsense. There are choices, but people have been conditioned like a cult to follow whatever comes out of the white house. Free your mind. Stop being a slave.

Listen to this interview, or, if you have DSL, watch online.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Ayman al-Zawahri: Useful Boogieman

An audio tape purportedly recorded by a senior member of the al-Qaeda network has called for attacks on the US and its allies. The only problem is, according to the press, he was captured already, so why is his call for terror attacks being played on international networks, as if he's still a threat? Who benefits?