Monday, October 18, 2004

Rapper, Racism, and Jon Stewart

Newsflash! Kris Parker, also know as KRS-One, does not speak for all Black people! According to New York's Daily News, KRS-One said that he and his Black friends "cheered when 9/11 happened." His reasoning had to do with racism. He doesn't think 9/11 is a Black issue. Now, racism is a global problem, for sure, but using identity politics as an excuse to cheer for what was an act of -- well, I'm not going to get into all the evil talk. There were people of all colors in that building, and of all classes. The Patriot Act WILL be used on the poor much more than any other group, and Blacks, last time I checked, still populate the poor neighborhoods in the cities that will be affected. KRS-ONE needs to read more. Check out the article (link).

Paris Hilton is a trampy chick not worth much thought, but, this article about her using the word "Nigger" is an another example of how the media uses identity politics to keep us stupid. Again, racism is a real problem, but some rich slut who tosses the "N-Word" around is nothing more than a distraction, and a way for mainstream media to cheapen the real racism that's embedded in the institutions we depend on. (link)

Jon Stewart is a man. No longer just a cynical Gen-Xer, but a thinking, concerned citizen. He went on CNN's Crossfire and called the hosts of the show Hacks and Dicks. Great television. I do wish he connected the theater of the phony media with the theater of the phony government, but, I ask for too much, this is a nice beginning for a guy who started as a hack comedian. Here's a link for download. Free of commercials. (WMV link)