Friday, April 15, 2005

A Secret World, A New World Order, and Blog Censorship

Having gotten my fill of Terry Schiavo, Michael Jackson, Baseball and steroids, Jane Fonda, and the Pope, I felt compelled to turn off the television, set down the newspapers, move away from the radio, and take a break from the so called "legitimate news."

Every now and then, I’m haunted by this nagging need to slum thru the evil Internet, and visit websites not recommended by FOX, CNN, NPR, The New York Times, Judith Miller, Rush Limbaugh, or Homeland Security.

My adventure began with the website MADCOW MORNING NEWS, a site I have posted links to in the past. Daniel Hopsicker – a great name – never fails to fulfill my need for disturbing investigative journalism straight from the Wizard of Oz. It’s as if he lives in a parallel world of espionage, covert operations, and cults. The truly disturbing part is that every twisted story is based on an even more twisted fact. If our government wasn’t so damn corrupt, stories like the ones Daniel Hopsicker – great name – comes up with wouldn’t catch curious eyes like mine.

This month’s installment has Daniel Hopsicker – great name – looking into the lives of two men: Abdussattar Shaikh and Sam Koutchesfahani.

Who are they, you ask?

Soon after the September 11 attacks, there were a few blurbs in the corporate-controlled media about one Abdussattar Shaikh. He’s the man who had two hijackers living in his house in San Diego while operating at the same time as a confidential informant for the FBI. Oh yeah, he also has a link to Sam Koutchesfahani, whose family roots and wealth ran deep in Iran. Sam pleaded guilty to tax evasion and fraud and was sentenced to a year in prison. Sam also was the owner of a rented house in Rancho Santa Fe where 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult took their lives in 1997. He also ran guns for the Shaw of Iran back in the day. How this all comes together is where Daniel Hopsicker – great name – earns his donations. Check it out. It won’t disappoint.

Moseying along, I bring you to an old ALEX JONES article on the Oklahoma City bombing and the way CNN willingly reported disinformation for the Government.

It goes a little something like this:

Connie Chung (yes it’s that old) did an interview in which she links Al-Qaeda to Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, and a right-wing Aryan militia group. Talk about conspiracy theories. It’s an interesting article and analysis of the propaganda coming from “legitimate” news sources. It also exposes some of the hysteria Alex Jones is guilty of, but I still find him informative.

Not long after reading that Alex Jones article, I perused through my email, and came across a couple of links to videos someone suggested I’d download. Being the risk taker I am, I download these videos straight to my hard drive. Nothing blew up or went blue, but what did happen fell in line with the disturbing Twilight Zone world of Daniel Hopsicker – great name.

Her name is Kay Griggs. She’s the wife of an ex soldier, who had ties to many covert operations. He left a diary. In it, were some names and places, some of which Kay shares on video to a phantom interviewer. Now, besides the homophobia, anti-Semitism, and Anglo-Christian rhetoric, there’s some interesting stuff in these videos. Freaky. Here are the links. Download and watch Part one and Part two.

Now after coming to terms with what Mrs. Griggs had to say, and how what she said rhymed with the shady story of Jeff Gannon, I stumbled over another article. This one from a more “reputable” news source.

Over at ZDNET, they have an article called BLOG CENSORSHIP WINS SUPPORT. It of course begins with the problem of kids who post dirty things and personal information about classmates and peers, but then quickly leads us into the real mission, which is to stop any investigative journalism on the Internet, especially anything having to do with politics, the military, and big business.

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to have the Daniel Hopsickers, Alex Jones’s, and the Kaye Griggs’s around, as long as we have to suffer the Bill O’Reillys, Rush Limbaughs, and Connie Chungs.