Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: The Devil is In The Details

Download audio: MP3 at 50.9 mebibytes (download torrent)

10-01-06 When President Hugo Chavez referred to Boy George as being the Devil himself there was great outcry from many sectors from the American society. Yet many people around the world who have felt the horns of the American imperial beast didn't feel those comments were that far off.

In this (Ventures in Corporate Media Land) segment called 'The Devil is in the details' Slave Revolt explores this Satanic capitalist experiment from the pits of hell called America. Hear how torture is 'debatable', habeas corpus is a inconvenience, imperial coups are justifiable, and stolen elections are forgetable.

In a privatized world where wars are made easy, and genocide in the name of market expansion is a way of life. Boy George Bush was speaking to other State Heads (at the U.N. House of Destruction) who know all to well how expendable the masses of the worlds population are under their systems of domination. the devil is in the details.