Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: The Evil Filth of Two Lessers

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The Low life character of American Electoral politics and the players with in it is being laid bare for all who wish to see it. The level of deceit, corruption, and intimidation politics knows no bounds on Sams Plantation. These actions are reflective of the overall tone of the American life and being. 'Just win baby'.'Just do it'. 'The ends justify the means'. Are all part of the corrupt fabric of the American way of expression and action.

In this (Ruins of Empire) segment called 'The Evil Filth of 2 Lessors: Democrates, Republicans and Americas Electoral Politics' Slave Revolt navigates it's way through this repulsive system. From a 'lessor' denying his own heritage, to race baiting politics, to voter suppression attempts. The 'Lessors' (Democrates and Replubicans)will do anything to be the hired (voted into office) contract workers for the 'Order'. Which for the Slaves of the Earth means more war of all kinds. Until the Slaves 'vote' for and move towards true freedoms outside the bounds of mystical hierarchical belief contructs and the privatized systems that go with it.