Saturday, December 31, 2005

Slave Revolt Radio: The enemy of the state is US, Tookie Williams free at last?

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12-19-05 In this Orwellian world we live in the reality is a mirage and the mirage orchestrated by the state is real. Join us slaves in this latest scandal by boy george and company as we explore reality through the lens of the slaves in an "Adventures in Corporate Medialand" segment titled 'The Enemy of the State is Us'.

We explore how the 'Orders' forces are trying to convince the masses that this secret spy network on us is for our own protection in this time of war. In other words 'war is safety!'.

Then 'SR' moves to the execution table of the state and it's liberal movement components like the naacp, jesse jackson, and the'pacifist' crowd. In this (beyond the shadow) segment called 'Stan Tookie Williams free at last?' We explore where the slaves end up when they are strapped down in the machine of the republican and democratic party.

Slave Revolt! then takes it home with a Tracey James commentary called 'White justice Black misery: the legal and illegal lynching of a people' to tie the lynch rope of this savage society all together.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Slave Revolt Radio: 'The Empire takes off its clothes

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For those with out gumpified membranes and blinders on it has always been clear especially for us slaves that sam is a beast in disguise. But as the empire sinks deeper in it's own imperial filth even for the blind this beast has stripped naked. Join us slaves in this (beyond the shadow) segment called 'The empire takes off it's clothes' as we watch pat bucannan and ex-cia bob baer strip off the clothing of their master while they yack up the rhetoric of sams intensified slaughter. Then 'SR' moves into a classroom session with Mama Dee, Leah Hodges, and others in this (ruins of empire) segment called ' New Orleans class in session'. Our class session deals with a conversation between the slave survivors of New Orleans and the beast servants at this house select hearing.

+ Mama Dee 1733 North Dorgenois
New Orleans, Louisiana

Mama Dee talks about evictions and etc.
by mama dee Friday, Oct. 21, 2005 at 12:18 AM

this is an interview with Mama Dee, a community activist in New Orleans, after the board meeting of the Housing Authority of New Orleans.

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Slave Revolt Radio: 'Co-opting Malcolm's Message By "Enemies" Means Necessary'

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12-04-05 If the slaves want their messages to be maintained clear and intact we are going to have to safeguard, outline, and log our own slave narratives. This has not been the case with brother Malcolm X. 40 years after his death his legacy and message has in part been co-opted. This did not have to happen. Yet it is the reality we face at this time. Explore this event with Slave Revolt! this hour as we tap into clips from Manning Marble on how various forces have played into this event. In a (beyond the shadow) segment called 'Co-opting Malcolm's message by "enemies" means necessary'. Then let us take the proper steps to restore Malcolm's slave narratives in his own words.

A Life of Reinvention: Manning Marable Chronicles the Life of Malcolm X

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Hear the speech by Columbia University professor Manning Marable chronicling Malcolm's life. Marable is currently working on a major new biography of Malcolm X which is tentatively titled "Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention."

Slave Revolt Radio: The Blade and the Poison of 1761

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11-27-05 Cutting ones way into ones past with out the mental shackles of ones enemy is one of the steps (and codes) of a Slave in Revolt.

This hour Slave revolt! does just that in a new (The slaves blood, the slavers god) segment called 'The blade and the poison of 1761'. This is a historic slave rebellion plot by the slaves of Bermuda. 'SR' deals with the radical evolutionary understanding by these sailor slaves who experienced more 'freedoms' than their plantation slave counterparts. The sailor slaves traveled the world on ships and learned many skills and languages yet they understood that their full human potential could not be realized with out the elimination of the flesh and soul eating slavers and their system of exploitation.

Clips from Clarence Maxwell outlines the slave conspirators and their opponents in this classic battle between the Slaves and the slavers. 'SR' sharpens up the blades and loads up the pistols for what more needs to be done and understood in today's slave settings. For the slaves historic work is not yet finished.