Saturday, December 31, 2005

Slave Revolt Radio: The enemy of the state is US, Tookie Williams free at last?

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12-19-05 In this Orwellian world we live in the reality is a mirage and the mirage orchestrated by the state is real. Join us slaves in this latest scandal by boy george and company as we explore reality through the lens of the slaves in an "Adventures in Corporate Medialand" segment titled 'The Enemy of the State is Us'.

We explore how the 'Orders' forces are trying to convince the masses that this secret spy network on us is for our own protection in this time of war. In other words 'war is safety!'.

Then 'SR' moves to the execution table of the state and it's liberal movement components like the naacp, jesse jackson, and the'pacifist' crowd. In this (beyond the shadow) segment called 'Stan Tookie Williams free at last?' We explore where the slaves end up when they are strapped down in the machine of the republican and democratic party.

Slave Revolt! then takes it home with a Tracey James commentary called 'White justice Black misery: the legal and illegal lynching of a people' to tie the lynch rope of this savage society all together.