Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Slave Revolt Radio: The Economic Color of Whiteness

Download audio: MP3 at 52.4 mebibytes (download torrent)

Tonite Slave Revolt! explores and deconstructs the constructs and concepts of whitness.

A concept and constuct created by a ruling order to maintain and legitimize it's hierarchical rule.

'SR' explores how whitness thru the constructed lens of the mass population of white wage servants distorts their views on subjects like affrimitive action, gentrification, and economic/ social dependancy and class, often putting them at odds with the non white slaves. Clips from Tim Wise, Judith Miller, and racial profiling corporation texaco to name a few help put the issue of whiteness in proper focus. A focus that's clear from the eyes of the slave that whitness is not only a social construct but a political and economic one.