Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Slave Revolt Radio: Hurricane Sam pt5 (America, the genocidal Impulse)

Hurricane Sam Part 5 (Genocidal Impulse) mp3

09-27-05 Tonight, Tracey brings two hours of fire. Facts on how the Katrina experience furthers the goal of gentrification, spatial deconcentration, and America's genocidal impulse. Interviews, including Glen Beck and Frank Morales. Plus a hell of a lot more.

Plus Frank Morales interview

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Al Interviews Frank Morales our militaristic society and touch on many topics including FEMA, their response to Hurricane Katrina, Operation Garden Plot, Gladio, "Proactive Preemptive Operations Group", counter-insurgency, terrorism "operations other than war", fascism, and speculation on both what "martial law" would look like and methods and tactics to avoid such dark scenarios. 1 hour, 55 min.