Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Slave Revolt Radio: Hurricane Sam pt6 Lose your land lose your Soul

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SRR-Lose your Land Lose your soul10-15-05

In this installment of slave revolt we shoot our way back into new orleans in a ecclectic program that exposes the relationship of the native populations in the america's loss of land to the land theives and its effect on their very being, and the consequences for blacks and other working class people if they dont stand their ground for the ground from where they live. This (ruins of empire ) segment is called 'lose your land lose your soul'. Clips from Charles Mann author of the book about the '1491' america's before the land bandits washed ashore help flush out this issue. also clips from rebecca solnit author of the book 'hollow city' who outlines the 'starbuckafication' of san francisco helps brings some more light of the soullessness of this corporate lobbiest imperial machine.

The program wraps up with a staged clip by boy georges prop keepers exposing the staged scripts by these puppet masters of doom.