Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Slave Revolt Radio: Racism a Question of Power

Download audio: MP3 at 23.2 mebibytes (download torrent)

Tonite Slave Revolt explores the dark side of
america's conscious in a (ventures in corporate media
land) segment on william bennett called 'racism: a
question of power'. A segment that deals with the
fact that bennett and others can deny their racism and
genocidal impulse at this point in time because of
their relationship to power in this system.

Also "SR" deals with how the corp. media aids in this denial in
the face of Bennetts essentialty saying reduction of

Clips from bennett, jaun williams, and a conservative negro minister help flush out
americas favorite passtime.

In a (beyond the shadow) segment called 'Beyond the Veil' slave revolt deals
with yanar mohammed concerns with womens plight in
the context of religions role in the iraqi
constitution. The segment outlines that modesty for
the slave is not about how you dress, bend your knees,
bow your little head to whatever invisible man, but if
you are for or against this market order. If you are
for the imperial order you are obscene, vulger and a
real heathen to us slaves no matter how much your body
is covered up.

The program wraps up with a (few notes
from a draptomania) segment on James Dobsons talk with
his sky god and ties together how all three of the
segments based in 'personal virtues' concepts .

The slaves say keep your 'virtues' they're killing us
and the planet. The slaves desire freedom!