Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Slave Revolt Radio: Cut and Run or Stay and Die/New. Orleans classroom

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11-20-05(Ruins of empire) segment called Cut and run or stayand Die' clips from democrat super hawk 'ex gi joe'john murta outlines the panic button being hit by some of the 'rational imperialist'. Also (Beyond the shadow) segment New Orleans the classroom for Black america.

This week Slave Revolt! deals with the military, financial quagmire in Iraq sam has gotten his behind in. 'SR' explores how this quagmire is the dynamics of resistance by the Iraqi's. The lies boy george and other administrators to the 'order" have spewed out would not be an issue if not for the fact that their imperial mission is failing. sam lied his way into Nam (gulf of Toking), lied his way into the first gulf war, Panama etc. The link that this current imperial quagmire issue has with Nam is that sam is again getting that ass tapped physically which is causing economic, political, and material trouble. In this (ruins of empire) segment called 'cut and run or stay and die' clips from democrat super hawk 'ex gi joe' john murta outlines the panic button being hit by some of the 'rational imperialist'. Other clips include boy george, channey, and kerry to name a few help round out the sorry plight and lost mission these savages are on. rumsfeld also shows up for a encore performance. Then Slave Revolt! sails back over to New Orleans in a (beyond the shadow) segment called 'New Orleans the classroom for Black america' that explores the current crisis our 'internally displaced persons' ie sisters and brothers find themselves in. Which helps highlight the fact that everywhere these slaver exist, north america, hati, sudan etc. Black people are internally displaced.That is until the Slaves put these flesh-peddlers out of existence!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Slave Revolt Radio: Killers for Hire, World for Sale

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As the wheels driven by this privatized machine stay on it's deadly market driven path. The 'Order' is privatizing our lives for social, political, and economic control. To make sure this agenda is completed they are privatizing their shock troops world wide for the true 'clash of civilizations' (Slaves vs slavers). In this (beyond the shadow) segment called 'Killers for hire,World for sale') Slave revolt! deals with the subject of the mercenary industry. Clips from Ken Silverstein author of the book 'Private warriors' helps bring these death dealers for the rulers of the world into our crosshairs.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Slave Revolt Radio: Eulogy of the Civil Rights Era Negros

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The state of black america is in crisis.

Years of savage attack by the ruling order. White denial and abuse by many so called allies to black 'equality'. Neglect and sabatoge by the civil rights era negros. And the myth of the democratic party option defecated out by liberals has taken it's toll physically, emotionally, and communally on black people.

Yet this recent preformance by Jesse Jackson & company is the final straw. In a (Amos and Andy) segment called 'the eulogy of the civil rights era negros. Slave Revolt! deals with this minstrel preformance with clips from Jackson, Bernice King, Crime Bill Clinton, Joseph Lowery, Al Sharpton and other 'sleep and vote' preformers. A preformance that exposes that these con artist are really the ruling orders gate keepers on the plantation. Their main function is to keep us on the plantation even while it's burning from it's own privatized greenhouse gases and genocidal wars.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Slave Revolt Radio: Privatized War on Energy

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10-28-05 War is all the elite orders of the world have to offer humanity. Destuction of the planet is where we're headed as we stay locked in this dead energy system called fossil fuel, as the rulers expose their willingness to destroy anything for the very last attainable drop. In a (ruins of empire) segment called 'the privatized war on energy', Slave Revolt! dives into these issues with a mix of clips from Richard Heinberg author of the book 'The party's over'. Michael Klare and William Blum 'Rouge state'. A 'sr' mix that makes clear that we must move beyond this corporate market machine and the oil that feeds it.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Slave Revolt Radio: The Economic Color of Whiteness

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Tonite Slave Revolt! explores and deconstructs the constructs and concepts of whitness.

A concept and constuct created by a ruling order to maintain and legitimize it's hierarchical rule.

'SR' explores how whitness thru the constructed lens of the mass population of white wage servants distorts their views on subjects like affrimitive action, gentrification, and economic/ social dependancy and class, often putting them at odds with the non white slaves. Clips from Tim Wise, Judith Miller, and racial profiling corporation texaco to name a few help put the issue of whiteness in proper focus. A focus that's clear from the eyes of the slave that whitness is not only a social construct but a political and economic one.