Saturday, May 28, 2005

Berkeley Liberation Radio 104.1fm studios eviction

Link to Captian Fred interview about BLR eviction:

Berkeley Liberation Radio 104.1fm broadcast studios for Slave Revolt Radio will be evicted from their studio at the end of June. Microradio studios are difficult to find because of the technical issues involved and the harrassment and contentious legal status forced on stations by the FCC. Anyone who knows of a potential space can contact by: PMB 2000, 2140 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704 or

SEND DONATIONS for moving costs.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Rally Marks 20th Anniversary of Deadly Police Bombing of MOVE Home in Philadelphia

By PATRICK WALTERS Associated Press Writer

The Associated PressThe Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA May 14, 2005 — Under the watchful eyes of police and neighbors, the militant group MOVE marked the 20th anniversary Saturday of the police bombing that destroyed the organization's home and killed 11 members.

Group members and supporters gathered in West Philadelphia near the site where police trying to evict armed MOVE members from a rowhouse dropped an explosive from a helicopter. Officers then ordered firefighters to keep their distance as flames killed six adults and five children and consumed 61 adjacent homes.

"We will never allow another May 13, 1985," MOVE supporter Orie Ross shouted through a bullhorn to about 75 people. "Our family can't be replaced."

The group, which once espoused equality with animals, had clashed with neighbors and police long before the bombing. Neighbors complained that group members shouted from bullhorns late into the night, were confrontational and unsanitary, and jogged on people's roofs.

At the rally, members called for the release of the "MOVE 9" those they said were wrongly convicted in the 1978 death of police officer James Ramp. Eight remain in prison; the ninth died of cancer in 1998.

Today, MOVE has a few dozen members, most of whom live in a pair of houses in Philadelphia's Kingsessing neighborhood. Other residents of the block describe them as good neighbors.

The group, which once preached against technology, now has a Web site. It describes itself as a revolutionary organization that believes in life, natural law and self defense but rejects the government and big business.

Neighbors watched Saturday's rally from their front stoops, some shaking their heads and eyeing the event suspiciously. Several declined to comment on the demonstration or the anniversary, saying they preferred to put it behind them.

Some neighbors have been fighting the city since the day of the fire. Embarrassed city officials promised to rebuild, but the new houses were defective and millions of dollars spent on repairs failed to solve the problems.

MOVE supporter Fatirah Aziz holds a sign at a demonstration in Philadelpia, Saturday, May 14, 2005. Members and supporters of the antiestablishment group MOVE rallied Saturday to mark the 20th anniversary of the day police dropped a bomb on their home, sparking a fire that killed 11 group members, five of them children, and consumed 61 adjacent homes. (AP Photo/Joseph Kaczmarek)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I regret to inform yall that my regular airing of segments from Slave Revolt Radio, in the mix with anti-Zionist, Takes on the World, Jeffrey Blankfort, and the occasional Mix from Skidmark Bob out of FRSC, has been removed from KPFT's schedule as of the beginning of this month.

Gentleman, it was a good run, and the program was quite well received, and also did well in fund drives.

The reasons for removing this program are beyond me, perhaps it was not a good fit in the new improved vision of KPFT, and a forward looking sound, of radio, moving forward, in this era of moving forwardness. But I can say this, it was a goddam pleasure airing material and segments from your program over the past year.

Considering the unnacceptability of Slave Revolt Radio on a moving forward station like KPFT, perhaps yall should consider making some adjustments toward team playerdness, and wider audience appeal.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Stop sounding so Black. Check out Tavis Smiley, Armstrong Williams, and reruns of Arsenio Hall. These people have African American overtones in their dialect, yet, they refrain from sounding... well you know..... so BLACK.
Google Bill Cosby for further information on this subject.

Slave Revolt has an Ebonically 'uppity' sound, which scares the wider audience, who are turned off by this.

2. Your infatuation with labor, working people, class consciousness, closet Marxism, and so forth, is a subject that is well covered by the many white luminaries in alternative media. Yall should leave these headier issues to White Folks, and focus on Black issues.

3. Your infatuation with Black issues, like prison reform, police brutality, education in minority communities, and the economic draft, are obtuse and fringe, and do not bode well for attracting a larger audience to your otherwise excellent program.

4. How can you expect to be taken seriously, while you criticize Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Martin Luther King, Cornell West, etc, etc. Free Speech has its limits, even in alternative media. Just ask Ward Churchill.

5. Many of your programs seem to have an underlying current of revolution. This revolution stuff played out in the sixties, and perhaps you should consider making your program more 'current'

6. You have often criticized the programming at KPFA Berkely. As well as KALW and other excellent Public Radio Stations in the Bay Area, which is the Citadel of forward thinking moving forwardness. Perhaps your time would be more well spent, criticizing the Far Right, and stop your devisive ranting, which divides us all from the essential work of moving forward. It's time for all of us to unite, and time for you to decide when it is necessary to take a back seat for the good of the whole. Rosa Parks is not always a good fit, you have to learn when to step forward, and when to take your proper place in society, no matter what the geography of public transportation.

7. Atheism is WAAAAY retro, and criticizing Islam is out of the question, they are the oppressed, and your crticism of oppressed people is counter-productive. . All of your complaints about Arab and Muslim colonialism in Africa are as old as colonialism itself, which ended , in the post colonialist era, which was awhile ago, not sure exactly when, but Slave Revolt needs to move forward into the present, forward into this new post colonialist period. And please stop putting forward these 'globalization' conspiracy theories.

I hope you take these criticisms to heart, and together, with a more nuanced Slave Revolt Radio, we can all move forward , and spread the message, together, unified, as one voice.

Sort of like mashed potatoes.

with gravy.

and maybe some butter.

And microwave canned gentically engineered green beans

with that excellent aluminum flavor.


and I think you should learn more about radio by checking out


Thanks Scooter, we all appreciate what you've done.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Has the Black Middle Class Lost its Mind?

Michael Eric Dyson -- trying to remain relevant -- has wrote a book based on Bill Cosby's comments. I haven't gotten to the book yet, may never get to the book, because I can answer the two central questions on the book's cover without the intellectual gymnastics. Here you go:

Is Bill Cosy right?

Absolutely not.

Has the Black middle class lost its mind?


There you go, now you can save the ten to twenty dollars it would have cost you to buy this attempt at dissecting the Black divide, and save your money for the gas pump.