Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Slave Revolt Radio: The Sean Bell Shooting

50 Shots vol.1 - The Brutal Murder of Sean Bell

Download Audio: 01:52 mp3

The recent Urban lynching of Sean Bell and the near fatal slaughter of his two friends should come as no surprise to anyone half way awake. This is part of the American war for subjugation, containment, and exploitation agenda against the targeted populations on Sam's plantation. Like Amadou (41 shots) Diallo who was a victim of New York's 'War on guns' program. And Iraqis citizens who are victims of Sam's 'War on terrorism/War on WMD's' claims. The tactics of deceit must be in full throttle for the Rulers to carry out their goals. Thus these claims of a 'War on ...' is just a pretext for the Capitalist systems of controls on the populace.

In this (Beyond The Shadow) piece called 'The Sean Bell Shooting: Police sponsored violence and the American Intelligence Psy-ops operation against Black Resistance (A Slave Case Study)' 'SR' attempts to examine this process. From the F.B.I.'s program out of Quantico Virginia's Psy-ops program on Black People in North America, to the role of the Corporate media, the police, Mayors, and so-called Negro leaders. The Psy-ops game is in full effect. The Negro Marketed intergrationalist 'leaders' who are collaborators with the Imperial State Order know their role and place. Weather they have a Democratic or Republican flag stuck up their behinds matters not.

Destruction of lives on a daily bases is all these cesspool Market Capitalist and their believers have to offer the world. Weather you live in the Congo, Iraq, The Nuba Mountains, Darfur, or New York the method for our destruction is basically all the same. And so are the various Psy-ops programs against us.