Thursday, February 24, 2005

James Gannon / Guckert Stuff

For those who haven't seen these videos, here they are for download. A Jeff gannon retrospective.

Jeff Gannon, the Republican Whore allowed to ask the President softball questions in the white house, has been spun by the mainstream media as an example of why bloggers shouldn't be trusted. Yes, there is plenty of Bush criticism, but there's even more criticism of the Blogs on the web and the fact that this guy is part of the blogger universe as if people who blog are not trustworthy yet the million dollar anchors on corporate media can be trusted to criticize power. This is the spin I've picked up on in anything having to do with the web. The web is painted as bad, but the trash on network and cable television somehow is considered legit. It's bullshit. Anyway, listen and watch to the stuff below. Then ask yourself: How did this guy get re-elected? And why are Americans behaving like braindead cult members?

Download retrospective from

Also. Michael Moore has a short example of the softball questions the Male Prostitute asked at a Press Q&A. Download here.

For the freakier stuff click here. It's about the Gannon/Gosch connection.