Monday, December 13, 2004

Cheater, Poison, Murder, and Shady Suicide

It looks like Bernard Kerik has tried to live down to his mentor Rudolph Ghoul-liani's footsteps as he's been outed as a cheater, crooked cop, and all around shady individual. Don't worry, this will all be forget in a year, and he'll still have a place in elite circles. Maybe even do Oprah after he writes a book. God, I'm turning into a misanthropic prick. Oh well.

First he admits to hiring an illegal immigrant to clean his place, no doubt paying little to nothing, then it leaks to the press he has been having affairs with two women, one of them a famous rich bitch publisher Judith Regan, who often criticized men for cheating on their wives when she had a shitty little show on cable. She knew he was married with two kids, fucked him anyway, and left love notes at one of his apartments. The love notes were discovered by his other chick, and one thing leads to another, Yadda yadda yadda.

Then to add to a career of shady dealings, it's been discovered he has ties to a mob construction outfit. I don't know why he stepped down, none of the Democrats were against his nomination, and he fits right in with today's leaders. We are fucked as a country.

Moving right along. The U.S. and George Soros orchestrated election protest in the Ukraine gets some added drama in the past week with the revelation that Viktor Yushchenko was poisoned. The poison changed his face, as seen in the picture above. If only all world leaders could be slipped this poison, so their true character would show as graphically. What's going on in the Ukraine is scary stuff, showing just how easy it is to control dissent. Powerful people, in the shadows, continue to play the world like a chess game.

One of the game pieces in this powerful chess game is the Grim Reaper. It seems whenever a whistleblower, or investigative journalist gets too close to the truth, he's likely to show up suicided. If I were the paramedics who are casting doubts on the official story of Dr. David Kelly's death, I'd be careful about being around any body of water, sharp objects, or handy pistol.

Most researchers know Dr. Kelly, the microbiologist who questioned the reasons for going to war in Iraq, which didn't sit well with Tony Blair, ended up dead after going for a walk. It was ruled a suicide, and conspiracy theories swamped the web. Conspiracy theory is now conspiracy fact.

The peculiar thing about the death of Dr. Kelly is it coincided with a string of deaths with one thing in common. They were all microbiologists who had connections with ethnic weapon research.

As bizarre as that is, news came of the "suicide" of Gary Webb. For those who don't know, Gary Webb was the brave reporter who investigated the connections between the CIA, Contras, and Crack Cocaine. He also, on a radio broadcast, told of his interest in ethnic weapons. His interest stemmed from trials going on in South Africa. I'm sure the mainstream press will be all over this...not.