Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Dean, Nader, and the Death of Liberalism

Howard Dean, the anti-war candidate, had the live feed amplified during sound clips, thus showing him as extreme eccentric which crucified him in the minds of most Americans. It gave an excuse for establishment liberals on mainstream media to wave off Dean and support Kerry.

Kerry's men illegally stopped Nader; another anti-war candidate. Kerry then spoke of adding more troops, modernizing the military, and policing the homeland. In other words, he spoke Bush's language.

Kerry promised a complete vote count, but didn't honor his word. 250,000 votes uncounted in Ohio. Plus, Ohio's Secretary of State is a Bush man. Thousand across the country were told to go home (not vote) because the machines wouldn't work.

Was Kerry, Dean, and Nader just a way to rally disillusioned liberals, setting them up for the kill? After the 2000 elections, people were politicized, then after 9/11, many were radicalized. Was Kerry, Dean, and Nader used as a way to sedate dissent?

Real liberals know there's no difference between the two big parties. But the establishment left still held on to the fantasy. This is important for the fraudulent government. They must have a leftist mass who believes in the system. Feed them a little Dean, a little Nader, then squash them with Kerry, and say it's just the way the ball bounces.

The media beats the audience over the head about being one America, and not being divided. One America, one party, one cult of Gumpified citizens who vote against their best interest. Bush is not conservative, Kerry is not liberal. They never were. They have, and will always be on the same team.

A documentary, which of course won't be shown in the United States of Propaganda, details the rise of Neo-Conservatism and Islam Fundamentalism. The documentary is a three-part series called The Power of Nightmares. (part 1 can be downloaded at this link)

In The Power of Nightmares, the narrator details the birth of the Neo-cons and the Islamists who took flight after liberal ideals failed black communities in the 60's and rioting spread in places like Watts and Detroit. The same social unrest that plagued the U.S. spread around the globe and questioning of authority aggravated leadership. They needed a remedy. The two groups used religion to galvanize the public, and the culture war began. By the 70's, Liberals were asleep under a disco globe and a marijuana haze. (many vote based on moral and cultural differences, not policies)

Reagan came to office, used the Soviet Union to scare the public into uniting against a common enemy. In 1979 the Taliban, Islamic radicals, with the Neo-Con doctrine, fought the Soviets in Afghanistan. The relationship between the Islamic radicals and Neo-Con radicals was sealed.

They now use each other to keep their power over us.

Liberals started to wake up, questioning everything from the Patriot Act to who was really behind 9/11. This was a problem for the establishment, who vowed to never endure another political environment like that of the 60's.

Liberals needed to be handled. Enter Dean. A tough talking Dean, who in his history had never shown any proof of being anything but establishment, culled the leftists with his "passion." The leftists were desperate, so they jumped on the Dean bandwagon. Where did that wagon bring them? To Kerry with the help of the phony media, who marked Dean as a madman.

Nader came out, and spoke basic truths, showing how similar Kerry was to Bush. His words fell on deaf ears, because by this time, the fear of another Bush term, and the media's acceptance of Kerry, which included the rightwing Bill O'Reilly (he found Kerry reasonable), made Nader a spoiler, an outcast.

The reaction to Nader was proof the sedation worked. Co-opt the liberal movement and lead them back to the land of Gumpification.

Kerry quit today. Why? Because he is establishment and has no fundamental problems with the Neo-Con agenda. Don't go by what he says. Go by his actions. It's sad to see the liberals die like this.