Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: The biological plague of America

Download audio: MP3 at 36.4 mebibytes (download torrent)
The biological makeup of this privatized order is a deadly pathogen spreading it's poison through out Sams plantation and the world. Now who is the leader of this Dr. Frankenstein stew of bio death? Sam of course.

Slave Revolt swims it's way through this deadly imperial militarized toxic mix in a (Beyond the shadow) piece called 'The biological plague of America'. We explore how the corporate military State with it's 'higher learning' institutions are genetically modifying bio pathogens for world conflict, control, and possibly destruction.

'SR' also explores other biological plague creating filth with in this society that are also given a pass by the corporate media institutions because they don't fit the right 'bio terrorist' profile. Making it clear that the profile and makeup of the American society is one of the living plagues on earth.

Also 'SR' deals with Dick 'shoot first look later' Cheney who took this method of action he used in helping justify the obliteration of the Iraqi people to the rugged quail hunting fields of political friends. Considering the fact that this tough rugged quail hunter decided to shoot up someones grandpa along with those defenseless birds 'SR' couldn't avoid addressing this issue 'Slaves' way.