Sunday, February 26, 2006

Slave Revolt Radio:Cartoon Network of Religious Censorship

Frank Zappa on Crossfire, 1986

This video was extra popular last summer and worth watching again - a must-see for anyone interested in censorship. Tom Braden, Robert Novak, John Lofton. Novak wanted to censor music. Zappa: "We are talking about words here."

Download audio: MP3 at 47.8 mebibytes (download torrent)

Censorship is a form of control often used by the State and hocus pocus types to maintain various forms of control. From censorship in music to videos to literary criticisms, censorship is a form of conditioning. If it goes unchallenged many within a given society become conditioned drones in their relationship with these institutions. This hour 'Slave Revolt! deals with this subject matter in a (Beyond the shadows) segment called 'The cartoon network of religious censorship'.

Then 'SR' deals with those who don't know themselves or their relationship in the real world in a (Shameless file) piece called 'White skin/Patriarchal mask'. A subject matter that seeks to explore how if one wears this white skin covered mask long enough you will be doomed from taking the steps towards ones own salvation.