Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: Cancer & Capitalism

Download audio: MP3 at 47.4 mebibytes (download torrent)

The rule of the privatized market system is to spread it's disease of capitalism. It is a disease that takes the form of a 'war on drugs', a 'war on terrorism', down to a 'war on cancer'. One can see how the Corporate State collaborates together to exploit the misery they are in the forefront of creating. Dr. Samuel Epstein award winning Professor of Environmental Studies author of the book 'The politics of cancer' joins Slave Revolt! in this (Beyond the shadow) segment called 'Cancer Capitalism: The disease of the privatized markets'.

We explore the fact that as cancer explodes in the American population (1 of 2 males, 1 of 3 females gets cancer in their lifetime) the more the pharmaceutical industry for instance profits sky rocket, why?. Cause they don't profit off cancer prevention, Just the expansion of disease capitalism. Making it clear that the enslaved humans will profit only from this diseased Corporate Market States Orders complete eradication.


-Dr. Samuel Epstein Book 'The politics of cancer revisited'

-Dr. Samuel Epstein book 'Cancergate how to win a losing war'