Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

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This hour Slave Revolt! examines how the Corporate engineered state is literally planting the seeds of their own destruction. Unfortunately if the slaves don't stop them humanities destruction is being harvested also.

In a classic example of how this machine operates at a number of levels 'SR' jumps into your dinner plate to explore how monsanto who gave the world ddt, and agent orange is now adding on to their legendary contributions to society by genetically engineering the worlds seed a food supply. Jeff Smith author of the book 'Seeds of deception' and Duff Wilson author of the book 'Fatefull harvest' helps 'SR' examines the war that's being waged on the worlds food supply in a (ruins of empire) segment called 'Attack of the killer tomatoes'.

All of this helps hi-lite that the type of seeds that these corporate market bandits are planting in the earth are sprouting up the doom that this Dr. Frankenstein capitalist savage is politically, socially, economically, and ecologically engineering globally. Unless the slaves crush the seeds of this destruction at it's source.

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Jeff Smith 'Seeds of deception'