Friday, March 17, 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: The left hand of the empire

Hear Harry's voice of truth

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Many progressives are drowning in their own contradictions. Unable and or unwilling to attempt to see the American empire for what it really is or how they fit into it. Slaves have to question the sincerity of these 'alternative activist'. Michal Learner author of the book 'The left hand of god' is taken to the 'SR' labs in a (Beyond the shadow) segment called 'The left hand of the empire'. 'SR' deals with the mystical, hocus pocus dust thrown in the masses eye's by Democrats in 'spiritual' clothing.

SR' then jumps into a related issue in a (Shameless file) piece on some civil rights Negroes. While they blame the victims for the problems they face cause they 'don't vote'. The civil rights Negroes can't escape the elephants in the room that exposes that our problems can't be solved by voting. And the contradictions (elephants) they must ignore. In this 'Elephants in the room' (SF) segment corporate negro! ism is expose for the system and relationship it is. A relationship of servitude to a genocidal imperial 'Order' regardless of the cost to the people the civil rights Negroes claim they serve.