Monday, April 03, 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: Dollar$ and Chain$ Part Two "Survival of the Slavest"

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As a major pillar (the U.S.dollar) continues to crumble under the hoves of the U.S. ruling order. More and more countries are making their moves on this global grand chess board stage.
Sam and his administrators are determined to keep the planets societies locked into it's geo-political petrodollar exchange sphere. This is causing a geo-strategic, energy resource, imperial alignment pack by various States especially in the regions known as Eurasia (the land mass of Europe and Asia combined).

This hour Slave Revolt fires into this subject in a (Ruins of Empire) piece called 'Dollar$ and Chain$ 2: Survival of the Slavest'. The world imperial structure is in a financial, ecological, and
social crisis. Sam is in a full spectrum dominance mode coded in war to preserve the greenbacks role in the world trade of currency. And to control the world petroleum ! resources and travel routes through out the world. It will be down to the Slaves to build and expose alternative sources as these privatized societies collapse and continue to erode. And gear of for their global world wars. If not there won't be a world for the slaves to inherit.

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