Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Audio on Katrina's Real Meaning

Download: Katrina, racism, and the moral failure of American capitalism mp3

The intersection of racism, classism, and failed economic theories as exposed by Hurricane Katrina.

Download: Sonny Crack Show 09-04-05 (HURRICANE SPECIAL) mp3

More coverage of Hurricane Katrina from an urban perspective.

Download: What They Don't Tell You: Fear Itself mp3

It's not as if. in the words of Michael Chertoff, this event was "breathtaking in its surprise." Let's hear what Ivor Van Heerden, director of Louisian State University's Center for the Study of Public Health Impacts of Hurricanes, had to say one month before Katrina hit: "If a hurricane comes next month, New Orleans could no longer exist."

Download: Mayor Nagin mp3

Listen to a House Negro beg his white masters for help. This is what happens when you put all your faith in a system known for its brutality towards the poor and people of color.

Download Video: Kanye West, "Bush don't care about Black people" wmv

Kanye West might be waking up as he refused to play the good Coon. Mike Meyers and Chris "Coon" Tucker looked like they were about to die as Kanye speaks the truth.