Thursday, August 18, 2005

Lies, Mongolian Eyes, and more Slave Revolt

De Menezes left his flat and boarded a bus on his way to work, from which point he was placed under surveillance and followed. The only reason given for this by the police is that he had “Mongolian eyes” and looked like a suspect.

The "Shoot-to-Kill" policy of Britain has been ushered in on the muscular shoulders of good ol' fashion Racism.

Leaked documents from an independent investigation proves two facts that most Black Americans already know and could have told the British. The first fact is that the cops shot De Menezes for no other reason other than he fit a profile. The second fact is that the media quickly took the side of the authorities who made wild claims to why this man was murdered.

The WORLD SOCIALIST WEBSITE has a terrific article on the subject which begins:

Documents and photographs leaked to ITV News demonstrate that the entire story used by the police, the media and the government to excuse the killing of the young Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes in London was a lie -- On every important detail, what the public were told was a fabrication. Rather than the accidental victim of an anti-terror operation, de Menezes was deliberately targeted for state execution. The aim of this operation was to send a message to the British public that democratic rights count for nothing—a message that was made explicit by Prime Minister Tony Blair when he declared that the “rules of the game” have now changed.

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