Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hustle & Flow, Bitter Medicine, and Chavez

Movie Review: Hustle & Flow

How to treat contemporary American life in an artistic and truthful fashion? This remains a major stumbling block even for the sincere and the semi-sincere. Elements in Hustle & Flow are lifelike and convincing; other, more important ones, are not. Unhappily, the rest of Hustle & Flow does not, for the most part, live up to the promise of its opening sequence. The spontaneity, the elementary and understandable human confusion, even the reflectiveness largely evaporate as the film settles too often and all too easily for the cliché of the American success story, clumsily glossing over its own contradictions in the process.

DVD Review: The Harder They Come

Compared to Hustle & Flow, this is a more honest portrait of capitalism, the music industry, and the myth of the American dream. Few cult films have enjoyed the continued impact of Perry Henzell's The Harder They Come. Since it's release in 1973, it's gained an underground following that is nothing less than legendary.

National News: Popularizing Tracking Devices

To date, Wal-Mart, Target and the U.S. Department of Defense have been among the biggest influence peddlers in promoting the use of RFID, imposing mandates on suppliers to apply tags on pallets, cases and even individual items of merchandise.

National News: Will Celebrex be as bad as VIOXX?

Questions are being raised about Pfizer's (PFE) pending legal troubles in association with Celebrex.

World News: Top-selling drug linked to increased suicide risk

One of Britain’s most widely prescribed antidepressants has been linked to a seven-fold increase in suicide attempts.

World News: Christian Coalition leader Pat Robertson calls for assassination of Venezuelan president

The call for Chavez’s assassination is a serious threat coming from a leading Republican and close ally of the Bush administration. It is in line with the previous attempts of the Bush administrations to destabilize and unseat the Venezuelan government. As is evident in Robertson’s comments, the main issue for the US ruling elite is not tyranny or terrorism, but Venezuela’s oil and the preservation by any and all means of the US sphere of influence in Latin America.

Pig News: SWAT team police use force at Utah rave party

About 90 law enforcement officers from multiple agencies broke up what they said was a rave party on public and private property in the Diamond Fork area of Spanish Fork canyon, an hour outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, at about 11:30 p.m. Saturday.

Pig News: Officer Arrested for Molesting Children

One of Bakersfield’s finest found himself on the other side of the law Monday facing several charges, including molesting a child. Monday, 32-year-old Officer Ryan Floyd was arrested on three counts of lewd acts with a child under 14, two counts of felony child abuse, assault with a deadly weapon, and spousal abuse.