Sunday, February 27, 2005

Enough With the So Called Black Leaders!!!!

Tavis Smiley and his joke of a conference called "State of the Black Union" played on C-Span Saturday. I won't get into the details of this Style-Over-Substance show of (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Farrakhan...etc.) but I'll leave you with this.

How can you have a seven hour discussion about Blacks in America and not spend one minute on THE WAR ON DRUGS or THE PRISON INDUSTRIAL SYSTEM?

And a funny note: They discussed health problems in the Black community, asking why Black children are so obese, but never brought up all the fast food on every block and in every school. Maybe, just maybe, that's because McDonald's sponsored the damn conference. How do I know that? Because as these Niggas asked about what Blacks can do to stay healthy, the golden arches of McDonald's hung over their heads in the background!

Too many old establishment Niggas want to lead Blacks into the abyss. Fuck 'em.

To watch this shit, just go to C-Span's website.